Investment Land Market Warsaw 2022 H1

Publication 22.09.2022

Warsaw investment land market 2022 H1

A comprehensive report from INWI reveals that the value of transactions in the Warsaw land market (total land transactions value) shrank by 28% in comparison to the first half of 2021 and 2022. There was also a reduction in the contracted land area. In the first half of 2022, the volume of land transactions covered 0.4 million square meters, which constituted a 51% drop in comparison with the same period last year.

inwiThe average price of land in Warsaw was PLN 2163 per square meter. Expressed in apartment usable area (PUM, powierzchnia użytkowa mieszkania), the prices fluctuated around the level of PLN 1950 per square meter, which translates to an increase of more than 26% year-over-year. In the first half of 2022, transactions concluded based on local development plans dominated among land transactions, making up almost 57% of all transactions. Land prices and prices expressed in apartment usable area were the lowest in the Rembertów District.

“In 2021 low land availability in Warsaw motivated investors to make swift purchases, as they feared losing the opportunity to another buyer. The year 2022 brought about a new reality – we are observing the current situation in the Warsaw land market with great interest and can draw conclusions that although the number of transactions is noticeably lower, their total annual value will be a surprise,” says, Mariusz Urbański, an INWI development manager.



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