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What is an investment plot and what can be built on it?

The owners of large plots of land usually wonder whether they can consider their land to be an “investment plot”.  It is generally believed that this type of real estate is desired the most by investors. What is an investment plot and what types of it can be distinguished? How to determine the price of an investment plot? The article below explores these subjects.

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Sale and leaseback as a method to fight inflation

According to Statistics Poland, inflation in Poland was at 17.5% in November 2022. 

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Urban recycling – an idea of the past, or the shape of future?

Urban recycling is a process of a physical, social and cultural transformation of a city.

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Sale and leaseback – a simple alternative to bank loans

Since October 2021, during ten monthly meetings, the Monetary Policy Council has raised the benchmark interest rate by 640 basis points.

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